Excited to announce that as we enter 2019 I have locked in three new projects with Resyn Wake Skates and two clothing lines for graphics. I'll continue to push my canvas work as well so if you or your company are in any need for graphics, logos, or canvases to hang in common spaces let me know.

you can email chaosartdesigns@yahoo.com to lock in commissions for 2019

stay current @ https://www.instagram.com/chaosartdesigns/?ref=badge

Digital Piece Battle

Taking on the writersbattle February Digital Piece Battle with a black and white submission.Some heavy hitters in there but i'll keep my fingers crossed!



I was contacted by Lauzier Fine Home Builders after creating their logo to re-create an advertisement that will be distributed in a pamphlet style brochure and distributed through Southern Maine and beyond. They wanted something easy to read with enough space in between the photos so they could breathe with enough detail to give it that professional feel allowing their work to do the talking. Getting a little more graphic design under my belt felt good to think outside the box and create something they loved vs. something they liked.

LBS x CAD FEB. 2018

I'll be showing artwork at Longs Board Shop in South Portland Maine for the month of February. Come hang out and watch some cool snow/skate videos on your way to the mtn and pick up some gear!!!

check em out----> https://www.longsboardshop.com/

Today from 1-4 at gallery z in Lowell located at 167 Market Street

The City of Lowell_Block Project 2017

The City of Lowell’s Cultural Affairs and Special Events Office (CASE) has selected me as one of the artists to participate in the cities "Block Project" and has given me 12 jersey barriers to paint. The jersey barriers are used around the perimeter of special events including the Folk Festival, WinterFest, Kinetic Sculpture Race and others to provide safety for the general public while attending these events.The goal is to brighten the streetscapes and create affirmative messaging for festival attendees and commuters. Lowell has banners throughout the city with five different colors which I'll be incorporating into the design which will be a mixture of abstract expressionism and graffuturism.  Here are a few shots from the start of the project. i'll be documenting just about every phase.

Tuckerman Ravine Snowboard concept

Alphabet sketch with a standard round brush in photoshop

Lauzier F.H.B Trailer

It's always awesome to see the final product of your artwork as it comes to life! Here is the final Lauzier F.H.B logo applied to the work trailer via vinyl wrap. Looks super clean!

Lauzier FHB Logo/Website

Final logo and in progress shot for the new website for a high end carpenter based out of Southern Maine. I wanted to incorporate the angles and movement that inspires me in modern day architecture into the logo and branch away from the average carpentry/landscaping logo. Learning to code and build websites has also been an experience but I am enjoying the process.

Another skate deck in the works. Really digging how the pencil is taking to the deck allowing me to get some cool textures and values.

2232016: Atmospheric Pyramids custom skate deck w/spray paint

21516 : Foreign Elements

     Pulling from architectural influence, geometry, circuit boards and the graffuturism movement, my recent work has been an exploration of freeing my mind from the one-dimensional square I have been stuck in. Working digitally allows me to build in layers bringing shapes to the foreground while also allowing the background to coexist and interact making the piece flow together seamlessly.

:Custom Vinyl Stormtrooper Head :

Black and white stormtrooper is sold and off to Florida tomorrow. I have a few left in various colors if you're interested. Email chaosartdesigns@yahoo.com for inquiries

|| The Stormtrooper || getting excited for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I've always been a fan of the stormtrooper suits with the black and white contrast so here is some line work for a chaos trooper!