Currently Under Maintenance 4.8.17

Tuckerman Ravine Snowboard concept

Alphabet sketch with a standard round brush in photoshop

Lauzier F.H.B Trailer

It's always awesome to see the final product of your artwork as it comes to life! Here is the final Lauzier F.H.B logo applied to the work trailer via vinyl wrap. Looks super clean on the trailer.

Lauzier FHB Logo/Website

Final logo and in progress shot for the new website for a high end carpenter based out of Southern Maine. I wanted to incorporate the angles and movement that inspires me in modern day architecture into the logo and branch away from the average carpentry/landscaping logo. Learning to code and build websites has also been an experience but I am enjoying the process.

Another skate deck in the works. Really digging how the pencil is taking to the deck allowing me to get some cool textures and values.

2232016: Atmospheric Pyramids custom skate deck w/spray paint

21516 : Foreign Elements

     Pulling from architectural influence, geometry, circuit boards and the graffuturism movement, my recent work has been an exploration of freeing my mind from the one-dimensional square I have been stuck in. Working digitally allows me to build in layers bringing shapes to the foreground while also allowing the background to coexist and interact making the piece flow together seamlessly.

:Custom Vinyl Stormtrooper Head :

Black and white stormtrooper is sold and off to Florida tomorrow. I have a few left in various colors if you're interested. Email for inquiries